SADV collaborates with Security Service Providers in your area !!

Deploying Fibre in your area allows Security Service providers to provide services over the fibre backbone. This could include CCTV at each high risk intersection, number Plate Recognition, Off Site monitoring, high tech Control Room, Access Control et cetera.

Fibre optic cable is extremely difficult to tap, therefore is a perfect choice for organisations wishing to maintain the utmost security of their images, video and data along the line. In order to decode the information from the cable, the hacker would have to employ a great deal of specialist equipment and would have to recognise not only the optical frequency but also the type of signal that is being transmitted.

Because fibre optic cables support much higher bandwidth and faster data transfer speeds, video can achieve a significantly higher resolution than that which is possible using coaxial or copper cabling. In addition, fibre is non conductive and completely immune to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, therefore the picture or data can be relied upon to maintain its integrity no matter what is occurring in the neighbouring environment.

A system designed with fibre is future proofed in a number of ways. As well as the ability to upgrade the system to support additional cameras, the fibre is capable of far faster transmission speeds than those which are currently employed in CCTV technology. As technology moves on, fibre optic cables will be able to grow and upgrade with the system, saving a good deal of money and trouble when wanting to upgrade.

Some of fibre optics' more relevant advantages are :

  • • Better-quality transmission
  • • No interference from lightning strikes or short circuits
  • • No interference from high voltages in fluorescent lights, card-access door strikes or outdoor lighting systems
  • • Better-quality transmission
  • • Stable within a wide temperature range
  • • Long service life
  • • Secure–not easily tapped into or interfered with
  • • Extremely high bandwidth

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