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Select a file size and see how - F A S T - you can go over different connection speeds

5 Mbps

10 Mbps

15 Mbps

The above is only a simulation or graphical representation of the estimated download time in relation to each of the line speeds. This does not simulate the actual time taken for the downloads. The download times indicated on the graphs indicate the estimated theoretical minimum download times for the different file sizes but are subject to many external factors which are completely out of the control of your ISP, a few of which are explained below:

  • There may be multiple users and devices connected to your internet connection using the internet simultaneously.
  • You may be using a wireless access point to connect your mobile devices or PC to your internet connection. This wireless connection is subject to interference and various factors that could affect the maximum available speed for downloads.
  • Internal Networking equipment such as switches or routers deployed in your home or office vary in technology and available maximum speeds.
  • The speed of the internet connection of the server from where you are downloading the content.
  • Congestion on the website or server from where you are downloading the content.
  • Automatic software updates running in the background could affect your download speed and experience.
  • Any virus or malware on your device or network could negatively affect your download speeds.