VoIP Services – Next Generation Communication

Are you tired of bad lines, broken up audio and delays? With SADV’s world-class Voice over IP network you can expect crystal clear voice quality, reduced call costs and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We believe that telecoms can and should offer businesses maximum flexibility and control over their telephony solution. We offer a tailor-made business telecom solution, fitting your company’s modern telecommunication needs perfectly.

Keep your number: with geographic landline number porting, you can keep your existing number!

VoIP over Fibre:

Fibre carries no electricity and is immune to electromagnetic interference. It does not create crosstalk or static noise, nor is it vulnerable to security attacks. The network that your calls take place on is critical. The call quality is related to the network you are using, as well as the quality of your internet connection.

Broadband Fibre with QOS:

A broadband fibre connection with “quality of service” for voice traffic is the best available connection. Your business can utilise the line for data without trepidation that the line may become congested and affect the quality of the voice calls on the same line. This is the best amalgamated single connection for both voice and data traffic.

Broadband Fibre without QOS:

A broadband fibre connection without “quality of service” for voice traffic is suitable and approved for voice traffic when there is no data traffic being used in conjunction with the line. If you use a broadband connection without quality of service for voice and data, it will work perfectly until your users over utilize the connection. When the connection is over utilized or congested your call quality will degrade and become unusable until the line is less congested.

See our summarized “rate sheet” for more information on call costs. New product launch coming soon !

Network Coverage

The SA Digital Villages network is currently stretched over much of South Africa and constantly growing. Check our “coverage map” to see if you are situated in one of our current qualified and available areas.