SADV Launches Fibre services to both Business and Residential customers

SADV will consider a last mile fibre build into your area once we have enough interest registered in your area for these services. Sign up or Register your interest now - help us to get the required uptake to get you onto the broadband superhighway !

This site will provide information and give you some idea of the following:

  • • The benefits of Fibre over traditional Copper infrastructure such as ADSL
  • • The Business and Residential services we are able to deploy
  • • Fact Sheets on why worldwide bandwidth demand is increasing so rapidly
  • • Educational Video content on FTTH
  • • Video Case studies of FTTX rollouts in Europe
  • • Coverage maps which will indicate active fibre in your area as well as future planned deployments (Note below an explanation of the legend on the coverage map)
    1.     “Node Ready” means we have activated this node and are ready to deploy last mile fibre
    2.     “Planned Deployment” means we are planning to activate this node in the near future
    3.     “Future Deployment based on demand” are nodes that we will activate based on demand generated from this initiative
    4.     Areas marked up in Green are areas that have been pre-installed with Fibre and are ready for deployment of services. These are generally Business nodes.
    5.     Areas marked up in Red are areas that are planned for pre-installation of Fibre based on demand for services. These are also generally Business nodes.
  • • Check out the FAQ’s for more detailed explanations

Next Steps

  • Browse around the site
  • Check out your area on the coverage map
  • Express your interest by filling out our no obligation “Request Fibre” form
  • If you would like fibre deployed in your Gated Community, Business Park or Suburb, then select the “Sign Up” button and fill in your details. Based on the demand in your area, we will then consider the rollout of fibre to your community. The sign up form and commitment from you is subject to SADV actually deploying fibre in your area.
  • We will keep you informed as to the progress of the uptake in your area.

Check out our coverage map now !